CBD Oil Australia


CBD Oil Australia

Medical marijuana has been legal in Australia since 2016 when the federal government announced a series of legislative changes that would allow patients to access the substance. New legislation announced by the Australian Health Minister allows patients suffering from painful or chronic illnesses to treat their symptoms with imported drugs containing cannabis.  In order to have access to medical marijuana, patients must have in their possession a letter from their GP justifying their need for medical purposes. Despite the fact that medical cannabis was legalized in 2016, then there was no local market to produce it.

Hence, patients have to import the drugs and to do so they also have to apply for an official import permit. In addition, the conditions to meet these requirements also vary from state to state. In February 2017, the Australian Health Minister announced plans to encourage and intensify the local production of CBD Oil Australia. At that time, the federal government also passed new legislation that will allow international companies to import larger amounts of cannabis and store them, making it easier to access them.


The cultivation, sale, and possession of CBD Oil Australia for recreational purposes are illegal in Australia. The use of cannabis for recreational purposes is illegal in Australia. The federal penalties you could incur for importing and exporting commercial quantities range from hefty fines to life in prison. The majority of cannabis-related crimes at the national level, including cultivation, internal trafficking, and possession, are handled by the governments of the different states. State marijuana laws can carry criminal or civil penalties. In the first case, it usually triggers the opening of a police file and a severe fine, even spending time in prison, while in the second case, it usually involves minor fines, mandatory treatment, and re-education programs, and does not lead to the opening of one. police record. However, in Australia, there is a tendency to avoid punitive policies in drug matters, at least with regard to cannabis. Hence, many states have adopted warning measures.

In Victoria, for example, possession of up to 50 grams of cannabis only carries a warning for the first and second offenses. In Tasmania, up to 3 warnings can be issued. But in most cases, minor and nonviolent cannabis-related crimes (except for trafficking, of course), are settled without major consequences. Some consumers will receive no more than an informal warning, while others may receive a formal notification or harsher penalties. In 2016, a Senate committee held a session on legalizing marijuana for recreational purposes, and in recent years there has been a lot of support for legalization. At the moment, the debate on the legalization of marijuana in Australia is mainly focused on its use for medicinal purposes. Thus, the legislative changes that have been carried out so far only focus on the therapeutic use of cannabis and its derivatives.

According to the Australian TV network ABC, the Executive has approved a scheme that allows local cultivation, so companies can legally import, store, and sell cannabis until domestic production can satisfy the nation’s needs. Greg Hunt, the current Minister of Health, explained that this is the first time in Australian history that the Government has facilitated importation for internal use. And he assured that the new legislation will guarantee enough supply for “all medical demand”, that is, for all those patients, who under medical advice, request to be treated with therapeutic marijuana. Last year, CBD Oil Australia legalized medical cannabis. The Minister of Health at that time, Susan Ley, approved several amendments to the Drug and Narcotics Act to allow the cultivation of marijuana so that the country did not break international drug treaties. Thanks to the new measures, many patients with severe pathologies or chronic pain can be treated with medical cannabis. Patients with cancer and epilepsy will benefit from the medical properties of the plant, amongst many others.

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